Adventure Begins
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Napels, Italy
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Adventure Begins
Mike & Suzie... With us at the Indy 500.

Never Leave a Pair of Underwear at My House...

A week before we left on our cruise to the mediterranian, Mike and Suzie, our friends from Albuquerque, visited us in Safford. Somewhere along the way, Suzie left one of her underwear when she packed. So we all decided that if Mike and Suzie couldn't go on the trip with us, then we would at least take Suzie's underwear.

We never really thought about the task ahead of us. We had no idea how brave we all had to be to display a pair of underwear and then take snap shots of it in various locations throughout Italy, Turkey and Greece.

Our biggest problem was that we would always forget to take the panties out and take snap shots. But luckily, Brooklyn always came to our rescue and reminded us to take pictures at the last minute.

The panties were eventually returned to Suzie. But Greg was quite surprised when he received them back in a picture frame from Suzie.

It took a long time to decide whether or not to publish this site. Suzie has a little problem with sharing her panties with the world. But she lost a bet the other day to Greg so the long awaited website was created.

Traveling to Europe
Leaving Safford, mom and dad knew that they would have to coax their kids into helping them on this adventure. Preston was normally the photographer and had a hard time learning to focus on the underwear in the beginning. He would quickly take the camera out, take the shot and run fast. He eventually got the hang of it. Greg, on the other hand, had to get use to carrying the panties in his pocket and pulling them out quickly and untangling the wadded up panties.

Napels, Italy: Lost City of Pompeii
Once we settled the panties down on the flight to Rome, the panties never made another appearance until after we landed in Rome, boarded the Carnival Freedom, left Civitivechia and arrived in Napels. Everything just happened so fast during this time of adjustment to being half way around the world.

We toured the Lost City of Pompeii. This was the first time that we would learn just how hard it was to take a picture of panties in front of a group of people. The location is a city which was buried by a Volcano over 2000 years ago and has recently been uncovered.

Back on Board Carnival Freedom
After spending a hot day in Napels, the panties made a few appearances out and around the ship. They loved the jacuzzi the most. Every night, our cabins were found with animal towels from our room stewards. The panties would enjoy many shots with the towels over the next 12 days.
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