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Assembling the Gang
Five Months of Sitting on Tickets Finally Gave Way to Results...

Our friends from Albuquerque, Mike and Suzie, finally convinced us non racers to share a Nascar experiece. So, we picked the Subway Fit 500 to jump into the experience.

We invited Susan's dad & nephew as christmas presents. Both Preston and Brooklyn were to attend the race, but at the last minute, they had another important obligation to attend and made the decision to pass on the race.

Fortunately, we asked Mitch to come and entertain us with his personality. Since it was his son's birthday, Preston (21), Mitch thought it would be a nice day for them to tag along with us.

Mike and Suzie's daughter, Jennifer, and her boyfriend, Anthony, came along as well. Mike was actually to be at the Indy 500 until Friday night but with the American Airlines cancellations, he was able to drive up with his family. It was nice to have Mike take care of us at the races since he's been to so many of them. We all just sat back and let him navigate us through.

Waiting for Everyone to Arrive...
Mike's Gang, Susan and Greg, arrived at a condo that we had rented on Friday morning. While the girls went shopping, Mike and Greg ran over to Costco to pick up some supplies for Greg's business. The girls went shopping for swim suites and sandles. After a night of eating out and swimming, we woke up to Susan's dad and nephew arriving on Saturday morning as well as Mitch & Preston. After a nice breakfast, we were on our way.
Anthony and Jennifer on the couch.
Suzie with Greg
Greg and Susan
Mitch and Preston
Susan's dad, Danny.
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