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Draining Pool

Draining Pool
Original Pool Back in 1990

After 18 years of use, the pool that we built over 3 months in 1990 has seen its better days. Christmas, 18 years ago, Greg woke up and decided to build a pool on that day. So he found a backhoe in a cotton field, started digging, plumbing, rebaring, electrical, tiling and becoming the general contractor for gunite and plaster. Over the years, we have added a pavillion as well as a slide from the 2nd story balcony.

But the tile, which due to us being lazy, had become overrun with calcium. Greg thought he could just chip out the old tile and not damage the plaster. Over several weeks of debating, we decided to just redo the tile ourselves and hire out the chipping and plastering process from subs in Tucson. Wishing we had worked this project into the calendar about a month earlier would have been perfect weather. But with Preston and Brooklyn having pool parties at the end of the school year, it made it impossible. Thus, the renovation of the pool begins.

First Step... Draining the Pool
This site is under construction for the next two weeks. The site will remain undeveloped until after the construction. However, I just wanted to start putting some pictures out there for those who are following from out of town. Thanks... Greg

Draining the pool in the old days was easy. Just plop the hose into the cotton field. However, now that a subdivision is being built behind our house (YUCK... See the fence project to cover up the subdivision) I just can't do that any more. So the goal for the day was to purchase enough piping to reroute the water down along the road and into a canal. That worked perfect actually.

The pool took about 7 hours to drain. At about hour 2, we lost suction due to removing the pool cleaner. That took about 30 minutes to trouble shoot that process.
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