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Leaving Albuquerque
Arriving in Orlando

Going to Orlando
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Each time we travel to Orlando, we always say we'll not go back in two years but go somewhere else. However, as soon as it gets near, we start thinking about it and how much fun we have spending time there. Thus, Orlando 2008 was initiated. Trina and Brannon have traveled several times with us to Orlando, but their schedule found conflicts with ours. So having extra room in the time share, we invited Mike and Suzie along with their daugher Jennifer and her boyfriend Anthony. They would spend the first week with us.

But as the trip got closer, Mike, who volunteers his time as an Indy Pit Crewman, realized that he would have to take off from Orlando a few days early. Then, we found that Preston would have to leave several days early as well as he found his way into FBLA Nationals in Atlanta.

All in all, we knew we would still have fun so let the adventure begin.

Leaving Albuquerque for Orlando
Normally we leave from Phoenix when we travel. But after doing the calculations, we found that leaving from Albuquerque was actually cheaper for flights, free parking and free lodging with the Bertetto's. Although it was twice the drive time, it made sense to do it that way.

The flight was perfect and on time. The rental car was a little bit cramped with 8 people and all our luggage. But Suzie was a trooper to give up her floor space to luggage.

Arriving at the time share, we quickly unpacked and headed out for a quick dinner at Taco Bell.

Arriving in Orlando
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