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Camp Life

Camp Life

Three weeks earlier, we met a couple from Southern Arizona at Apache Lake. In talking with them, we wanted to bring them back to the lake with their kids. Kory has two kids, Sidney and Carly, and Carri has two, McKenna and Haley.

Greg and Susan actually left for the lake on Thursday since they had an Arizona Cardinal game in Phoenix that night. They had to take all the equipment and drop the RV, boat and Jet skis in Globe. They then had to drop a person off at the airport. Eventually, they made it into the stadium before kick off. Although the Cardinals lost, it was still a great day since this was Greg and Susan's 26th wedding anniversary. So what better way to spend it by returning to Globe and spending the night in the RV in a Walmart Parking lot.

On Friday, Greg and Susan set up camp and waited for the others to arrive. Kory and Carri arrived around 4:30 and Preston, just getting his license, arrived with Brooklyn around 5:30.

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