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Christmas Day
Into Colorado

Christmas Day
Five Ski Resorts Reduced to Two

Originally, our ski trip went something like this...

Go to Prestcott to visit Susan's grandma. Then go to Albuquerque to visit Mike and Suzie. Then move into Colorado with Mike and Suzie and ski at Key Stone and Breckenridge. Then we were heading to Susan's aunt to ski at Telluride. After that, we were going to drive up to Idaho to see Trina and Brannon and ski at two resorts up there.

Well, as time got closer, Idaho really didn't have enough snow. Then, there was too much snow in Colorado to get to Telluride. Then, the weather was a little bad to go to Keystone. So in the end, we were only able to make it to Breckenridge for one day and then we returned to Albuquerque to ski at Sandia. Even with the changes, we had a great time.

Christmas Day
Our trip started on Saturday morning. Preston needed to attend a Hobi meeting in Phoenix Saturday afternoon. So Greg and Preston got the RV ready on Friday. Little did they know that at 7:00 at night, their radio would go on the blink. So Preston talked dad into buying a super duper radio with XM and I-Pod compatability. Install went well until they realized that they needed a special cable for the install. So on the way to Phoenix, Greg found a cable to complete the install.

After Preston's meeting, we continued to Prescott to visit Susan's aunt, grandma and parents. We left Monday morning heading to Albuquerque. Ran into a little bit of snow through Flagstaff.

Arriving in Albuquerque, we spent the first night at Mike's sister's house for a nice dinner. Tuesday, we helped Mike around the house and then he treated us to a Lobo's basketball game at UNM.

Wednesday, we went to Jennifer's house for a Christmas party. Christmas morning, we woke up to Christmas morning only being able to wear our pajamas.

Traveling to Colorado
After a get together with Suzie's family, we headed out the door to head into Colorado. The weather was so so and we were determined to let the kids ski in Colorado. We left around 2:00 pm and made it into Steve and Donna's house at Castle Rock around 9:00 as a stopping point. We met Steve and Donna two years ago at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. Susan actually crewed from them this year.
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