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First Night

Thursday Night

The Lindseys decided to make their first trip to Apache Lake for 2009. It was a little chaotic to pull it off, but it finally happened.

Mike and Suzie came down to Safford Wednesday night to help get all the equipment up to the lake. Greg and Suzie left in the RV with the jet skis early Thursday morning to set up and secure a spot at Upper Burnt Corral. Susan and Mike finally left after Susan got off work with the speed boat.

A friend of ours, Mitch, arrived at our camp later that night and took us on a cruise up and down the entire lake. His family would later come the next day.

On Friday, Mick, Cindy and their family came up for the weekend as well. Mick & Cindy are friends that we recently met in Phoenix and have been hanging out with us for a few months. They brought three daughters, Eden, Shy and Chantel, and two of their daughters brought their better halves, Chris and Johnny. Desiree came along as a cute little baby.

Preston and Brooklyn, after getting out of school on Friday, finally made it up to the lake as well as Jennifer, Mike's daughter.

First Night at Apache Lake
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