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Getting to Idaho
Picking Up the Boat
Driving Back Home

Susan's Great Idea
Monday Morning Started a Different Week than Normal

On Monday morning, Susan was spending a little more time upstairs getting ready for work. Little did Greg know that she was talking to Trina, from Idaho, about the ski boat that we had been keeping our eye on.

Although we have a speed boat, it was just becoming a slight disappointment as we all love to ski and ski with different skis. With the speed boat, it makes it very difficult, actually impossible, to load a group of people and head out for six hours of skiing at a time.

So when Susan came down stairs Monday morning to Greg's office, the look in her eye told Greg that he was either in trouble or that this was going to cost something. After listening to Susan's reasons for purchasing the boat, we moved quickly to secure the boat and head to Idaho.

The boat would give us the ability to change our life style about skiing. We could all go out and enjoy the lake without staying in camp. Also, we knew the owners of the boat and that it had only been taken well care of over the past four years. The ski boat is actually a world championship boat. In 2004, it was used to pull a slalom skier during the world championship slalom and actually won the world event. So the boat is kind of like a horse winning the Kentucky Derby and someone wants to buy the horse just for the name. On top of that, it's number 18 of 100 that was used to go on tour during that year to represent Mastercraft. Being the limited edition, it had all the bells and whistles installed.

Getting to Idaho
By Tuesday, it was decided that Greg and Preston would just get in the truck and head to Idaho. At just a little over 19 hours to drive to Idaho, the boys set out early in the morning. By two o'clock, they were at Hoover Dam and then onto Las Vegas. Preston has only been to Las Vegas once as a baby so they took time out to enjoy going into a hotel and grab a bite. By that night, they had driven 14 hours with three hours to play around in Vegas. Somewhere in Nevada, Wells actually, they snuggled in at the Super 8 Motel that Susan had secured for them.

Picking Up the Boat
By the next morning, they still had almost 5 hours to drive into Idaho. By noon, they were sitting at Trina's house and hooking up to the boat. After sending a few pictures to Susan, Greg and Trina went to the bank to fill out the paperwork and head to the lake where Brannon, Trina's husband, was waiting to take one last ride.

Susan was very concerned that the boat performed well so Preston volunteered to get into the cold water of Idaho and take a quick ski trip. The boat worked flawlessly has Brannon gave Greg a lot of pointers about the boat.

As the boys loaded the boat, their intentions were to return to Trina's house to stay the night. But Greg figured since they were 45 minutes from her house and 45 minutes closer to Arizona, that the boys would just leave from there. So after driving 19 hours in a day and a half, the boys immediately turned and started their trip home.

Driving Back Home
Greg and Preston headed out. Instantly they knew their fuel mileage was cut in half with the boat being so heavily built. They were very careful to fuel every chance they had since running through Nevada, at times, were very long stretches of nothing.

They passed through Wells, Nevada, where they had a quick bite to eat and fuel. They pushed on for another 3 hours and got into the next town at midnight knowing they had just taken off 8 hours from their drive.

The next morning, Preston decided that he wanted to put the boat into Lake Mead and take pictures of Hoover Damn from the water. So Greg agreed to give it a try. They had no idea that there would be a wind storm with white caps as they launched the boat into the water. Greg also had no idea how much water could run into the Titan pickup when he opened the door to help Preston launch the boat. The ramp was very flat at Lake Mead. Eventually, Preston was able to get the boat off the trailer and the boys headed to the dam under the worst conditions. After a few pictures of the dam, Greg returned to the trailer and after a few tries, got the boat onto the trailer with one heck of a cross wind.

From their, it was a long trip through the security of the Hoover Dam and up hill all the way into Kingman. After Kingman, the drive was easy. They returned to Safford around 10:30 that night where Susan, Brooklyn and Sierra got their first glance at the boat.
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