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Leaving Phoenix
Connection in Denver
Next Flight to Miami
Arriving Miami Beach

Traveling to Miami
Out Adventure Begins Again...

It's amazing how we come home from a cruise and say to ourselves, "We'll never do that again." But somehow, over time, you start thinking about another cruise. Our last cruise, the Mediterranian, where we traveled through Italy, Greece and Turkey, was an amazing experience for all of us. This cruise, although put together within a short time, was basically put together because of Preston getting ready to head off to college. We figured it "could" be our last trip together as a family. We also knew that our friends, Mike and Suzie, had never been on a cruise and was curious if they would enjoy 7 days at sea with us.

So with a little talking to our cruise consultant, Eugene, we put together a plan and made our flight reservations.

The picture above was taken from a gentleman drawing a picture of the Destiny, which was just behind the Liberty, for his grandson.

Leaving Phoenix on Thursday Morning...
We left Safford on Wednesday night after getting a late start. Staying close to the airport in Phoenix, we set the alarm for 4:00 AM Thursday.

Connection in Denver to Meet up with Mike and Suzie
Although Mike and Suzie live in Albuquerque, when we made our flight reservations, we actually found that we were able to make connections in Denver at the same time. They were to leave a few minutes after us and arrive a few minutes before us. However, they had to spend time to de-ice the plane before departing Albuquerque.

We had a brief walk to their gate before they landed and off they came wearing coats from the cold Albuquerque weather. Suzie was fighting a cold so she slept most of the next flight.

Moving on to Miami...
Arriving in Miami was nice to feel the warmth, but not very warm. While everyone else picked up the luggage, Greg ran over to Alamo to get the mini van.

On the way to Miami, we wanted to drop in and check on our Cruise Consultant from Carnival. Knowing Eugene for over 10 years, we've been able to meet him once before when Trina and Brannon went to Orlando with us 6 years ago. Although we didn't surprise him like the first time, he was able to take a break and come down to visit us outside the Carnival headquarters. We swapped many stories and then headed to Miami Beach.

Arriving at the Hotel on Miami Beach
Leaving Carnival, we stopped off for a quick bite at Wendy's. Thirty minutes later, we were driving on Miami Beach watching the people getting ready to party. Our hotel was situated right on the beach at the north end. Suzie immediately went to bed and slept off her cold while everyone else went out and enjoyed the beach and a visit to Walgreens right around the corner.
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