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Saturday Morning

Camp Life
Enjoying Camp Life at Apache Lake...

The trip to Apache Lake started out in a bad way. Mike and Suzie, from Albuquerque, called us Wednesday night after being broken down in Lordsburg, NM. Seems that when they stopped to fuel, their car wouldn't start again. So Greg and Preston left Safford at 8:00 pm and towed them back to Safford by 10:30 pm.

Although we wanted to leave at 7:30 am on Thursday, we decided to delay the departure and fix their car so Preston and Brooklyn could drive it up Friday. Greg and Mike got up early and went to NAPA for a fuel pump. Within two hours, they had the tank drained and the new fuel pump installed.

Needless to say, the trip didn't get any better. Leaving by 11:00 that morning, Greg made it about one hour outside of Safford when the RV lost all of it's power. On the flats, he could maintain speed. On the hills, the best he could do was 15 mph. So after stopping occasionally to troubleshoot the problem, it was decided to continue the trip. The normal 2.5 hour trip turned into almost 5 hours of drive time at that speed.

We eventually arrived at the lake and launched the boat and jet skis. With the lake being so high on the water level, we managed to squeeze into a different spot at Upper Burnt Corral which turned out to be actually kind of nice.

Friday was spent with just Greg, Susan, Mike and Suzie hanging out in camp and skiing. By the afternoon, Preston and Brooklyn made it to the camp site. By 10:30 that night, Jennifer, Justin and Rose Amy made it to camp.

Saturday, Preston had to leave for a meeting in Phoenix and would return later that afternoon. by 10:00 am, Paul and Diane arrived, followed shortly by HL and Suzie. So we had a lot of people showing up and it was great time at the lake.

In talking to HL, he suggested that we cut a few holes in the exhaust because he felt the catalytic converter could be plugged on the RV. He was right, after we drilled the holes, the RV did great on the trip home.

While wave surfing on Sunday, we thought the boat was about to sink. We had hit a log early on in the day and that started working on our minds when we saw water coming out of the engine compartment. After analyzing it for a while, we realized that because we had so many people in the boat and additional ballast tanks, the water was finding a way back into the boat thru breather holes.

So after all the excitement, we realized we had a great weekend. The next lake trip won't happen until late June with all the activities we have with Preston graduating and the Orlando Trip.

See you soon back at the lake.


Saturday Morning
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