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Arriving Orlando

The Adventure Begins
The Group at Magic Kingdom     

Orlando 2010 is officially over. 14 days in Orlando and 16 days of quality time with friends. Leaving on Thursday, we headed for Albuquerque to meet up with Mike and Suzie. Although it's a little further to drive, the flights were cheaper out of Albuquerque and we have free parking and shuttling (thanks to Robert and Justin).

The vacation went well with no accidents to report. The Bertetto's came with us the first week followed by the Browns the second week. The weather was very warm and humid, but survivable. Looking back, it probably only rained three times. The lines were extremely short and quick and not a lot of people at the parks. The economy is hitting hard in these areas.

Follow along on the adventures for Orlando 2010.

Leaving Safford for Albuquerque
We left Safford on a Thursday morning. We knew we would need to get to Albuquerque by 3 so we could stop by the Apple Store to get some work done on some equipment.

Arriving in Albuquerque
In Albuquerque, the Apple Store went quickly as Preston picked up an iPad for college and Brooklyn got a new replacement for her phone. We also celebrated Jennifer's birthday.

Airport to Orlando
Robert and Justin was nice enough to drop us off at the airport. The flight was on time and direct.

Arriving Orlando
Once on the ground in Orlando, Greg and Suzie went to pick up the rental car and the rest of the gang picked up luggage. After checking into the timeshare, part of us went to pick up our theme park tickets at an office near by.
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