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Carnival Paradise, 2011

With Preston and Brooklyn both having Spring breaks that were back to back, we knew it would be a problem to do a trip. Our first plan was to ski in New Mexico. That turned into a trip to Disneyland. Then, just 36 hours before leaving, we decided to jump onto a ship and do a mini cruise into Mexico.

With only four cabins left when Greg called Eugene, there was zero choices on cabins. Susan was in Phoenix at a convention when Greg was trying to book the two cabins. So with Susan out of touch and down to the last few cabins and minutes, Greg and Susan finally made a decision to go. Then it was up to Preston to quickly decide if he could skip ASU on Monday. He had his Spring break first and had gone to Lake Havasu for four days. He knew he would miss one important class, but it was worth it. Luckily, on Monday, we would later learn that his class was actually canceled due to weather. Thank god he didn't pass up the cruise because of the lab class.

We left Thursday at 7:00 and picked up Preston in Phoenix at 10 PM. Preston drove the next leg into Riverside, CA. We managed to get a cheap hotel as we would only be sleeping four hours. When we woke up, we were glad we did not sleep in the truck at the terminal. It was another 45 minute drive to the Long Beach Pier.

Upon arrival, we quickly got booked in, visited the Queen Mary and boarded. The cruise was ok, but not a repeat. Encenada was just not an interesting place, and on the way home, during the Fun Day at Sea, we actually just parked in the ocean for 24 hours. Did not even move an inch. Just didn't have the same feel as cruising the ocean. The weather was extremely cold and rainy. We were definitely not prepared for that as we only had shorts.

We did decide to drop off at California Adventure at Disneyland on the way home. We were there for 6 hours. It rained early in the morning, but the weather became decent in the afternoon. The drive home took us to Phoenix late Monday night and we dropped Preston off at the dorm and found another hotel.

Tuesday was spent helping Brooklyn find a prom dress.

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