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Farm House

Traveling to Indianapolis
How The Indy Trip Was Conceived...

Back in February, 2007, Susan and I met a wonderful couple out of Albuquerque, Mike and Suzie, where Mike actually pits for the Indy Pro Series. Through some further planning, they invited us to spend time at the Indy 500 with them. I had always wanted to go, but knew I would only go with someone who knows exactly what to do at the speedway.

With Mike being on a pit crew, he was able to acquire for us the credentials to spend time in the garage and pit lane areas inside the speedway.

Susan and I left late Wednesday evening to get a hotel room in Phoenix. We had to take two vehicles however. I would be coming back 7 days later, but Susan was going to fly over and Meet Brooklyn in Michigan for Susan's niece's graduation.

Flight to Indiana...
We didn't arrive into Phoenix on Wednesday until about 2:00 Thursday morning. But it did give us a couple of hours to sleep. Our flight left around 11:00 am. The flight was long, but we watch a DVD, DeJavu, so it went pretty quick.

Greg's high lite of the flight was taking the peddle jumper from Milwaukee to Indianapolis. He was fascinated by the small jet plane.
Greg really would like one of these for his birthday.
Brooklyn took this picture two days later than Greg. She was traveling with Susan's parents to Michigan and they took the same peddle jumper as we did.
Only in Greg's dreams....

The Farm House
While getting info on hotels, we knew that we were going to pay an arm and a leg for a hotel room during the busiest time in Indianapolis. We were looking at two rooms times 5 nights. At $250 per room per night, Susan went looking on the internet for another alternative.

We lucked out when the first thing she came across was a rental unit 45 minutes from Indianapolis. The lady lived in Tucson and we were going to be the first people to rent her family's house. Built in the 1800's, the called it the Farm House. At $125 per night, it was a bargin.
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