Traveling to Europe
Embarkation on the Carnival Freedom
Naples: City of Pompeii
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Phoenix Bound
Atlanta Bound
Atlanta to Rome
Rome to the Port of Civitivechia

Traveling to Europe
Hello From the Mediterranean...

Wow, what a week. Preston and Brooklyn spent the week in Washington DC with a tour group headed up by a teacher from the school and came home Saturday morning at 2:45 AM. By the time we got them home and heard their stories and fed them, we finally made it to bed by 3:45 AM. Of course we had to wake up early enough to get them unpacked, clothes washed, and repacked so we could leave for Phoenix by 2 PM.

Driving To Phoenix
We went to Phoenix Saturday afternoon and with a stop at Fry’s Electronics, ended up buying a new camera. With only a few hours of sleep, the kids were troupers as we went to visit a friend who had just had his wisdom teeth removed. As Brooklyn faded on the couch, we finally left, grabbed a bite to eat and headed for the hotel.
This is me getting everything ready to go. I just woke up from a 3 hour sleep because we had just came home from washington that night.

Phoenix to Atlanta
We flew out Sunday morning at 10. We spent all of Father’s day on the plane, first to Atlanta for four hours arriving at 4 PM (losing our first three hours). In Atlanta, Susan's Treo phone crashed, so she lost everything. All her addresses, calendar, etc. She quickly transferred her backup files from her computer at school to her laptop using our wireless card in the Atlanta airport (thank goodness we had a three hour delay).

Crossing the Atlantic and On Our Way to Italy

After the layover, it was on to our nine-hour flight to Rome arriving at 1 PM Monday after losing another six hours. We were an hour late leaving so an hour late arriving so missed the tours in Rome, but we will be back in Rome to fly out. The plane ride was long. We ate some kind of strange chicken, mashed sweet potatoes (yuck), corn and a roll for dinner. They came around with a snack throughout the night as well. The kids went to sleep and slept through the night. Greg slept on and off for about three hours and Susan dozed about 30 minutes. Breakfast was almost as bad as dinner. We had a roll, banana and a granola bar. Boy were we hungry when we got to the ship. Now I see why they stopped serving plane food.

Leaving Rome Airport and to the Carnival Freedom
We arrived in Rome about 1:00 PM then were bused to the ship. The trip was about 45 minutes. It was amazing how similar the terrain was to Arizona. Of course everyone spoke Italian instead of English or Spanish.
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