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Our Cardinal Friends, John and Penny

Our good friends, John and Penny, decided to spend a couple of days with us in Scottsdale during the Denver Cardinals game. The game was on ESPN's Thursday Night Football. We met them Thursday afternoon and after a quick bite in the hotel room, we left for the game.

This was their first time to the stadium, second time for Susan and myself. The game went well for the first three quarters. AZ easily controlled the game. But because of pre-season, the rest of the team got to play and it went downhill from there.

The next day, Penny treated Susan to a spa day. Susan had to only get dressed in a robe and have breakfast. John and I then dropped the girls off at the spa for the entire day. John and I did a bunch of chores of picking up parts and returning parts.

Later, John and I met up with the girls as they were then treated to a make over, new dresses and shoes. We then spent the rest of the night at El Charro.

Thanks John and Penny for the treat.

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John said he was going to pick us up on the side of the hotel, but he got confused so we walked around to the front.

Traffic jam luckily gave Susan to catch up on calls.

Driving doesn't bother John, they drive almost 9 hours one way to see football games.

John and Penny sit up high and we sit down low. We snuck upstairs to catch their view for a while.

On Friday, the girls have a spa day and make over.

Night ended at El Charro in Scottsdale.

The outside temperature was perfect to enjoy good company and good food.

Following photos are from Sanfrancisco 49'rs game on Sept 10.

Black Eyed Peas performed before the game.

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