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18 years and the day has finally come. We always thought Preston was going to be an engineer like his dad, but the last two years has changed him more into the Business or Business Law side. So ASU actually was the appropriate place for him to earn his degree.

He is actually a sophomore entering into ASU, but because he is a first time student at ASU, he is seen as a freshman. ASU has a new rule that as a freshman, you have no option but to live on campus. The only way out is if you have a PARENT that lives within 50 miles of ASU and is their main house where they live. Even if your sister lives in Phoenix, that is not allowed. This also makes it mandatory to buy a meal ticket. This was not what we thought would happen. We were looking at buying a house to flip someday.

By the time we figured this out, it was too late to get him into the proper dorm where all business people are. All that were left were one room dorms that didn't even have a refrigerator. About three weeks before the move in period, Preston was offered an apartment with three other guys since ASU ran out of dorm space. So we took them up on the offer.

Preston was allowed to move in early into the dorm since he volunteered to be an advisor and volunteer to help others move into the dorms. So he had to go early and train for this position for two days. Then from Saturday to next Thursday, he works.

Susan sews a button on for the last time. When Preston was born, he was very sick.  He was flown to U of A so Greg got him special attire. Last shot of the kids being together. Can It We got him lots of Willy Wonka candy which hopefully he will hide. One last look at his room. One pickup load and one car load is all he took. Susan Drove with Him to Globe. So Sad. Greg drove the mustang on into Phoenix. Shopping at Bath and Beyond.  All major departments actually had advisors set up at each store to help. Moving into the apartment at ASU. $800 for parking and he wasn His room is the second window up in the middle. Mike and Suzie helped out by scrubbing the filth off of the floors.  Preston has the cleanest floors in the building. Although one of his room mates brought a TV, Preston decided not to put one in his bedroom.  He Saturday was the first game of the season for AZ Cardinals.  Cards were scoreless until the last 8 minutes of game and won. Back home, Brooklyn has taken over the captain
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